Recycle BC Blue Star Awards

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Recycle BC Blue Star Awards

Recycle BC celebrates its five-year anniversary May 2019 and we recognize we didn’t create a successful EPR recycling program alone. We had great stakeholders and partners supporting us. To celebrate our five-year anniversary, Recycle BC founded the Blue Star Award to share recognition with those who best exemplify Recycle BC’s values of innovation, trust, knowledge, service, and respect, while providing outstanding contribution to Recycle BC’s success.

We aligned each award with one of our values; below is more about our recipients.

Recycle BC Blue Star Award for Innovation awarded to Monica Kosmak, City of Vancouver


Star in Innovation:

Constantly striving to find new solutions and be leading-edge

Monica Kosmak, City of Vancouver

Monica is professional, dedicated and has astute attention to detail. She has been part of the Recycle BC journey from the beginning, leading a direct service transition, planning streetscape recycling, advancing the reduction of single-use plastics, and now exploring packaging and paper in the organics.






Star in Trust:

Being a reliable partner that we placed confidence in and depended on

Doris Wong, Green by Nature

Our collector network collects packaging and paper for recycling. That is the first stage of the process; for materials to be responsibly recycled, we must have viable end-markets for them. Doris successfully markets our materials with growing tonnage year-over-year in an extremely challenging global recycling market.





Recycle BC Blue Star Award for Knowledge awarded to Tera Grady of Cariboo Regional District


Star in Knowledge:

Making evidence-based decisions that benefit current and future generations

Tera Grady, Cariboo Regional District

Tera exemplifies the best of our collector network. She manages depot and curbside collection, and for both she works diligently to reduce contamination and improve collection. She is a go-to person sharing learning and knowledge with others.





Recycle BC Blue Star Award for Service awarded to Chad Saalfeld of GFL Environmental


Star in Service:

Prioritizing program attributes that create ease of use, simplicity of understanding, convenience, and equitable access

Chad Saalfeld, GFL Environmental

Through snowstorms, labour shortages, and the everyday difficult situations with recycling collection, Chad impels, encourages and supports his team to get the job done to while being fair and respected.





Recycle BC Blue Star Award for Respect awarded to Ian Chang, Green By Nature


Star in Respect:

Regarding community members and our partners by developing mutually-beneficial relationships

Ian Chang, Green by Nature

Ian has really gone above and beyond to make the program run smoothly. He quickly resolves issues and keeps the supply chain network functioning from one end of the province to the other.






Recycle BC Blue Star Award made by East Van Light



Each recipient was awarded a Blue Star award, a table light created by East Van Light, with a wood base made entirely of recycled chopsticks from local sushi restaurants, by Chop Value.