Green By Nature

In February 2014, Recycle BC (then Multi-Material BC) selected Green by Nature EPR (GBN), a new organization founded by leaders in the BC recycling industry, to manage the post-collection system for Recycle BC’s residential packaging and paper recycling program. GBN is responsible for managing the processing and marketing of over 200,000 tonnes of packaging and paper material after it has been collected from curbside households, multi-family buildings and depots across the province.

GBN was a new organization founded by three industry leaders with an unmatched network of material recovery infrastructure in BC. With over 100 years combined experience, the GBN partners have each played an instrumental role in the development and progress of the recycling industry in BC over the last 40 years:

Cascades Recovery – one of Canada’s largest collectors, processors and marketers of recyclable materials generated by businesses and residents.

Emterra Environmental – one of Canada’s largest waste resource management companies that provides recyclables collection, processing and marketing services, as well as organics and solid waste collection and disposal services to municipalities and businesses across Canada and the U.S.

Merlin Plastics – a North American pioneer in plastics recycling and marketing that holds several patents in plastics recycling technology as a result of its innovative research and development team based in Delta, BC.

In addition to the founding companies, over 20 subcontracted organizations (including private businesses, local governments and non-profits) operate approximately 45 receiving facilities on GBN’s behalf. Additionally, GBN subcontracts over 60 haulers to transport recyclables to processing facilities. This coordinated approach ensures the Recycle BC program operates as efficiently as possible and leverages existing recycling infrastructure, and will help Recycle BC achieve its targeted 75% recovery rate for packaging and paper.

The post-collection system operated by GBN employs over 750 British Columbians and has brought over $32 million in new investment to the province, including capital investment in recycling infrastructure across the province. This includes a new container recycling facility in New Westminster specifically designed and built to meet the demands of the province’s recycling growth. The facility uses the most advanced technology available in the recycling industry and will maximize sorting efficiency, recovery and the quality of recovered products.

GBN was selected through a competitive request for proposals process that was open to organizations with expertise in consolidation, processing and marketing of packaging and paper. Organizations wishing to be part of GBN’s post-collection network should contact GBN at For more information, visit