Recycle BC is responsible for managing a growing volume of more than 200,000 Tonnes of residential packaging and paper in British Columbia (BC), and works with more than 160 collection partners throughout BC. Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, producers of packaging and paper have an obligation to manage the designated materials that they supply into the residential market. In May 2014, BC producers appointed Recycle BC as their agency to assume responsibility for delivering collection and processing services. Recycle BC is committed to the effective collection and recycling of packaging and paper by continually improving its efficient, province-wide reverse supply chain.

Recycle BC contracts its post-collection services. The initial contract term for post-collection services is approaching the May 2020 expiry date.

Register to receive the RFP

To gain access to the Recycle BC’s post-collection RFP, please register as an RFP respondent below. After receiving your registration, Recycle BC will provide the RFP document and a non-disclosure agreement to be returned before providing access to further supporting documents.  Registrants will also receive access to a list of businesses registered to participate in a response.

Opportunity to collaborate to submit a post-collection RFP response

Given the size and scope of post-collection services, Recycle BC is open to, and encourages, multiple companies to work together to submit a post-collection RFP response. In order to facilitate this collaboration, companies can register to participate in a response, outlining their services and capabilities. This information will be made available to primary responding companies and those companies can reach out to registered companies directly to collaborate on a post-collection RFP response.

View details of current post-collection system here.