Ride to Recycle for Go by Bike Week - Recycle BC

Ride to Recycle for Go by Bike Week

What better way to kick off summer than getting on your bike and into nature, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while also helping the environment! From May 29 until June 4 we’re celebrating Go by Bike Week in partnership with our friends at Hub Cycling, so get ready to make recycling a part of your ride!


Make Cycling a part of Recycling

Go by Bike Week is about encouraging people in Metro Vancouver, and beyond, to hop on their bikes whether you’re commuting to work, sightseeing in the city or hitting the trail as a fun and eco-friendly way to get around. Cycling is good for your health and the planet as low carbon transportation, and with your participation (and a little planning) it can be good for the environment in more ways than one.

If reducing your carbon footprint is what motivates you to get on a bike, there’s one easy step you can add to up your environmental impact–just pack up your flexible plastics and plan a stop at your local Recycle BC depot, or London Drugs store, on your route. Cycling to your nearest drop-off location can also be a fun activity for the whole family, because it’s never too early to learn that taking care of our environment means more beautiful bike rides for the future too. 

What is ‘flexible plastic?’

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Here’s some popular summer snack packaging that falls into the category of flexible plastic:

  • Crinkle wrappers, like granola bars, candy, popsicles, and chips
  • Zipper-lock and stand-up pouches used for dried nuts, berries, and granola
  • Flexible packages with a plastic seal for prepackaged cheese and deli meats 
  • Plastic bags for bread, produce, and groceries
  • Overwrap for pop flats, paper towels, or toilet paper
  • Shrink wrap 
  • Zipper-lock sandwich and snack bags
  • Woven plastic bags for fruits and vegetables 
  • Protective packaging from items like crackers and seaweed snacks

To see the full list of what we accept, visit https://recyclebc.ca/flexibleplastics/


Pack up and pedal out

Like your paper and hard plastic recycling, the simplest method for collecting your flexible plastics is to rinse any items contaminated with food and store them together somewhere in your home. This makes it easy to grab the bag, pack it up and go when you’re ready for a ride.

Pack the flexible plastics into the top of your backpack after you’ve safely packed the rest of your supplies for the day and make the recycling depot your first stop on the way to your final destination. That way, you don’t need to root around in your bag to find your recyclables when you reach the depot, or take your flexible plastics all the way to your picnic spot or office. Drop your recycling and enjoy the rest of your ride! 

 Storage Tip! Recycle BC accepts plastic reusable BYOB shopping bags–use these to store your flexible plastics when they reach the end of their usefulness.


Plan a Recycle BC depot stop on the way to your destination

Plan a Recycle BC depot stop on your trip home. You can find a depot using the map on our website, or download the Recycle BC app. Use it to search nearby depot locations as well as double-check what’s accepted and where it goes with our Waste Wizard search tool.

Cycle and Recycle Tip! If your cycling trip includes an outdoor picnic or snack break, clean and pack up all your flexible plastics together and plan another stop at the depot on your way home.


Drop off your flexible plastics together–no sorting necessary 

There are over 200 depot locations around BC where you can drop off your plastic, metal, glass packaging and paper for recycling–and guess what? No more sorting flexible plastics. You can now bring your flexible plastics to the depot and drop them off together.

Enjoy your ride, and remember: cycling is a part of recycling!

For more information and to register for Go by Bike Week please visit bikehub.ca/gbbw.