Meet Coach

When we Bin together, we win together.

Meet Coach Rick Cycle. He’s here to support you to take your recycling game to the next level. Now let’s show them what we can do, BC.

Accepted Materials


Find a Depot

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Photo of Coach Rick Cycle in blue Recycle BC track suit

Coach Rick Cycle is our head coach and constant supporter to help you up your recycling game.

Photo of Coach Rick Cycle holding a plastic bottle

Giving materials a quick rinse ensures food and product residue is removed for optimum recycling!

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Help us continue to manage over 95% of collected materials by recycling. Recycle containers and paper at home (in most communities). Take flexible plastics and foam to the depot.

Coach Rick Cycle holding a clipboard

Explore other rooms in your home for recycling opportunities – the bathroom, office, garage all have lots of packaging and paper destined for great things – you just have to give them the chance!

Coach Rick Cycle holding a phone

Our website or the Recycle BC app have all the sorting info you’ll need to up your packaging and paper recycling game.

Coach Rick Cycle balancing plastic container on his finger

We manage 98% of the plastic we collect by recycling, and most right here in BC! But we need your help to collect all the plastic packaging supplied to residents!

Coach Rick Cycle pulling plastic bags incorrectly sorted into blue bin

We love a good system. Create your at-home sorting system to ensure it’s easy to drop your flexible plastics and foam at the depot or London Drugs store on your next outing. Here are some sorting systems we like.

Coach Rick Cycle with a reusable bag going to recycling depot

There are over 250 drop-off locations around BC for your flexible plastics and foam. Find a depot in your area and make it a stop on your next errand outing.