Download Recycle BC’s Membership Agreement

In order to become a member of Recycle BC, both obligated and voluntary stewards must complete and sign a Membership Agreement (MA). The MA outlines the commitments that members and Recycle BC are making to each other and clearly identifies the responsibilities of both parties. By both parties agreeing to the provisions of the Membership Agreement, which provides a clear framework for the partnership, the possibility of disputes down the road is reduced.

A Membership Agreement is required because the BC Recycling Regulation obligates Recycle BC, on behalf of its members, to provide the residents of BC with residential recycling services. In order to provide those services, Recycle BC operates a full recycling supply chain with services procured from service providers. Recycle BC needs a commitment from its members that they will pay their fair share of the costs of those services.

When stewards sign an MA, they are committing to report their materials and pay fees for the management of those materials. At the same time, Recycle BC commits to fulfilling the requirements of the Packaging and Paper Product Extended Producer Responsibility Plan which includes achieving recycling targets and providing accessibility of recycling services to consumers.

It is important that all stewards sign the same Membership Agreement as this allows Recycle BC to ensure a level playing field for all members. This means that the MA cannot be customized or edited for any member.

The Recycle BC registration process begins on the WeRecycle Portal.

Download the Membership Agreement, complete it and then submit it as part of your registration process.

If you have any questions please contact producer relations team at 1-877-667-2626 or via email at