New Items Accepted for Recycling

Good news! More items are now accepted for recycling!

Starting January 1, your single-use and packaging-like products can now be recycled from home or depot in our residential recycling program.

Pack Lean, Leave Clean

No one likes litter on the trail so this camping season Pack Lean, Leave Clean. Whether you’re escaping the city for the day or staying overnight and sleeping under the stars, plan to minimize your waste by bringing your recyclables back with you.

Take A Recycling Home Tour

We’re taking you on a room-by-room and item-by-item tour through your home helping to identify the biggest packaging and paper recycling opportunities. Despite BC residents being great recyclers overall, there are a number of recyclable items still being thrown away.

Hazourdous Materials

Putting explosive and hazardous materials in your recycling bin is dangerous and can have life-threatening implications. BC’s major recycling collectors and processors have seen an increase in fires, with several of them having endangered lives and forced the closure of facilities. Dispose of hazardous items properly – use the search tool below.