Project overview

The original Program Plan, approved by the Ministry in 2013, and again in 2016, confirmed Recycle BC would offer a financial incentive to local governments subject to proof of concept through testing effective delivery of streetscape collection systems.

Proof of concept, for Recycle BC, includes the necessary data to create a commercial agreement, offer a financial incentive, and demonstrate positive environmental outcomes.

How It Worked

Recycle BC has been studying streetscape recycling since 2014, through pilot projects, studies, municipal roundtables and consultations, and reviews of programs in other jurisdictions. Recycle BC consulted with municipalities twice on a streetscape program and financial incentives, including a series of six roundtable sessions in 2019 to discuss a recycling or recovery model and inputs to inform the development of a financial incentive offer for Recycle BC streetscape material, assess current and historical findings from local governments with streetscape programs, and find consensus on best practices for execution among local government representatives in BC. 

Recycle BC is committed to providing a revised service and financial offer to municipalities for a streetscape recycling program. In 2022, we also completed several waste audits and developed our audit methodology. The timeline below demonstrates the program’s progress from its inception to this new streetscape recycling program for eligible municipalities today.