Paper is recycled into new paper products, boxboard, the paper cover for drywall, moulded paper egg cartons and insulation.

Accepted Items

Recycle in Paper Bin or Reusable Yellow Bag or Curbside Cart

Newspaper and flyers

Magazines and catalogues

Telephone books

Writing home/office paper and correspondence*

Corrugated cardboard boxes


Moulded boxboard packaging

Paper bags (Kraft paper)

Multi-layer paper bags

Purchased gift bags, boxes

Paper party decorations

Non-durable paper food containers

Disposable paper hangers

* Place shredded paper securely inside a paper bag or box and include with your paper recycling.

Not Accepted


  • Hardcover or paperback books (donate or sell)
  • Paper towels, napkins, tissues
  • Non-paper gift wrap and foil gift wrap
  • Padded envelopes
  • Ribbons or bows
  • Musical greeting cards with batteries (contact the Recycling Council of BC for battery and e-waste recycling options)
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic bags used to cover newspapers/flyers (recycle at a Recycle BC depot)

Paper Packaging And Cardboard

  • Cardboard boxes with wax coating, such as empty boxes, made available for residents to transport their groceries home
  • Paper bags with multiple layers that include a foil layer
  • Paper bags with a plastic layer
  • Paper towels, napkins (include with green waste, if applicable)
  • Tissues
  • Padded envelopes with plastic or bubble layer

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