It’s possible for stewards to make errors when submitting their steward reports.

Recycle BC understands this and provides stewards with an opportunity to go back and correct those errors. In order to ensure fairness for all stewards, a Policy for Steward-Initiated Adjustment Requests is in place that outlines a standard approach to all adjustment requests. The Policy for Steward-Initiated Adjustment Requests outlines the types of requests that are and are not allowable, the time frame for requesting an adjustment and the supporting documentation that must accompany an adjustment request.

In an effort to reduce the need for adjustment, a summary of the steward’s report is issued immediately after a steward report is submitted on the WeRecycle Portal. Stewards are encouraged to review that summary report immediately to ensure the accuracy of their report. If errors are identified quickly, they can be corrected with the help of Steward Services and avoid the need for an adjustment request.

Please refer to the Policy for Steward-Initiated Adjustment Requests for more details on Recycle BC’s approach to steward initiated adjustment requests.

Click here to download the Steward-Initiated Adjustment Request Form