In Recycle BC’s third year of operation, Recycle BC provided reliable and convenient packaging and paper product recycling services in BC, increasing program access to British Columbians. Recycle BC continued to build and strengthen effective partnerships, lead new recycling initiative, uphold program performance and maintain financial stability.

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2016 Key Highlights:

  • Over 185,000 tonnes of packaging and paper product was collected from households and depots across British Columbia, representing a recovery rate of 78%
  • An additional 16,000 households received curbside or multi-family services, and an additional 129,000 had access to Recycle BC services through curbside, multi-family or depot services
  • Over 1.27 million BC households in 154 communities had access to Recycle BC curbside or multi-family services
  • Over 1.8 million BC households had access to curbside, multi-family or depot services including 98% of households having depot access
  • Recycle BC expanded the communities it directly services, taking over recycling services in the City of Vancouver and the City of Pitt Meadows
  • A nine-month Streetscape pilot project was launched in partnership with the City of Vancouver
  • Recycle BC is working with businesses on projects to optimize recycling of their materials

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