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In 2021 Recycle BC, along with its supply chain partners, continued to provide delivery of recycling services to BC residents, adapting as needed to external environmental challenges. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were still being realized in 2021 as residents placed a greater volume of material in recycling bins, bags and depots resulting in an increase in the tonnes of material collected and an increase in the recovery rate from the previous year.


2021 Highlights:

  • Over 214,000 net tonnes collected in Recycle BC’s packaging and paper product program, an increase of over 5%, resulting in a recovery rate of 94.1% (up from 85.8%), with the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors driving the rate increase from the previous year.
  • Over 2.03 million – or 99.3% – of BC households in 183 communities had access to recycling services.
  • Recycle BC captured 55% of the plastic packaging supplied to market, including 67% of rigid plastics.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with province-wide recycling activities declined by 20.7% primarily due to a reduction in marine shipments to overseas end markets and increased efficiencies of internal material movements.
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