Our 2023 Annual Report

In 2023, Recycle BC successfully collected and managed over 200,000 tonnes of packaging and paper, resulting in a recovery rate of 79.6%. Over 209,651 tonnes, or 94.3%, were managed by recycling. For plastics, 98% of plastic collected was sent to recycling end markets, and 99% of that was sent to recycling end markets in BC.

2023 marked our tenth year of operations, and a 10-year feature showcases our impact over time, including 2 million tonnes of recycling collected and over $1 billion contributed by producers to fund Recycle BC since program launch.

Over 2 million – or 99.4% – of BC households had access to curbside, multi-family and/or depot services in 196 communities.

Thanks for Being A Recycling MVP

Let’s celebrate all the amazing things Team BC has achieved over the past 10 years through our recycling efforts!

Way to bring your A-game at the bin, BC! Let’s work together to make the next 10 years even better.


tonnes collected from 2014-2023


of BC households have access to recycling services


depots and 53 London Drugs locations accept flexible plastics.


contributed by producers since 2014


of plastics we collect are sent to recycling end markets


of materials are processed in North America