Canada Games Recycling: Leaving a Legacy

In December 2014, Multi-Material BC (MMBC) was announced as an official sponsor of the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George, BC. MMBC is providing 550 receptacles to be used to collect recycling between February 13 and March 1. After the games, the receptacles will be provided to Emterra Environmental to use to collect recycling from the 4,300 multi-family units in Prince George. Emterra is the company that collects recycling at curbside from Prince George households as part of the MMBC packaging and printed paper recycling program.

Providing multi-family recycling collection in Prince George has always been part of MMBC’s plan and pairing with the Games allows MMBC to support recycling at an important community event, and enables the Games to leave a legacy for Prince George residents.

Strata councils and building owners seeking additional information about the service in Prince George can contact Emterra directly at 250-596-8023.