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City of Pitt Meadows residents to receive glass recycling bins

On August 29, Multi-Material BC (MMBC) will take over residential packaging and printed paper recycling services in the City of Pitt Meadows. This will mean some changes for local residents.

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Smithrite Disposal Ltd. has been contracted to provide weekly pick up of residential recycling for residents living in single family homes, as well as townhouses and mobile homes that currently receive curbside blue box service.


In addition to the collection of currently-accepted materials, residents with curbside blue box service will receive segregated glass pick-up service. New grey bins for curbside glass collection, for non-refundable glass items such as bottles and jars, are being provided to residents starting mid-August.


Collection days may change, so residents are encouraged to download MMBC’s recycling app, or visit to sign up for recycling collection reminders. A recycling guide that includes schedule information will be delivered to residents with their new grey bin for glass. Residents are asked to set out their recycling by 7:00 am to ensure it is picked up.

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