City of Vancouver hands over recycling collection

Earlier this week, the City of Vancouver announced plans to have Multi-Material BC (MMBC) assume responsibility for residential single-family curbside and multi-family recycling, by the end of 2016. The City of Vancouver joined the MMBC program in May 2014, and since then have retained responsibility for managing single and multi-family collection with financial incentive from MMBC. Once the transition is complete, MMBC will provide direct-service for Vancouver’s residential curbside and multi-family recycling programs.

The decision to turn over operations to MMBC is part of mounting evidence of our stewardship agency’s success in our first year of operations, and speaks to the trust the City of Vancouver has in MMBC to provide effective and efficient operations, while maintaining a superior level of service for residents.

MMBC is committed to providing a seamless transition for the residents of Vancouver. Our organization will work closely with the City of Vancouver on transition plans, and residents can expect to hear more over the coming months. In the meantime, learn more about MMBC, and find out what packaging and printed paper is accepted curbside and at depots, by visiting