City of Vancouver Recycling Service - Recycle BC

City of Vancouver Recycling Service

Due to atypical winter weather conditions there have been recycling service delays in many areas of Vancouver during the month of December. In order to support the dedicated efforts of Smithrite and their drivers during this challenging time, Multi-Material BC is continuing to work closely with the City of Vancouver to coordinate salting and sanding efforts. In addition, MMBC is contracting additional resources to support collection on Saturday December 31. Emterra Environmental and Waste Control Services will support Smithrite’s collection efforts. In addition, Smithrite is adding 10 additional trucks from other service areas to focus on the City of Vancouver.

Collection on Saturday December 31 is focused on the purple zone, green zone and northern part of the yellow zone. Residents in the these areas are asked to leave recycling out if it wasn’t collected as scheduled earlier this week.

Please note that despite our efforts there may still be inaccessible or unsafe roads due to ice. We are prioritizing the safety of workers and residents by ensuring they aren’t working in dangerous, icy conditions that could lead to accidents, injury, or unintended damage to property. We thank residents for their continued patience as we work to ensure recycling is collected safely and efficiently. For more information visit