GFL Environmental Inc. (GFL) administers post-collection services for Recycle BC’s residential packaging and paper recycling program. GFL is responsible for managing the processing and marketing of over 200,000 tonnes of packaging and paper material after it has been collected from curbside households, multi-family buildings and depots across the province. GFL assumed responsibility for post-collection services May 2020.

Post-collection Network

Recycle BC’s post-collection network is made up of 38 facilities around the province – 36 receiving facilities, and two primary material recovery facilities located in Richmond and New Westminster. These two facilities sort and process all of BC’s packaging and paper recycling to prepare it for marketing.

Environmental Outcomes

The new post-collection network will enhance the already-strong environmental performance of our recycling program by increasing the amount of material recycled locally. GFL has made significant investments in recycling infrastructure in the province, including investments in new technology, facilities and processing capability. These investments increase the ability to sort materials into multiple grades and reduce contamination. This provides access to more markets, including more local markets. The majority of all plastic, glass, metal, and paper will remain in BC, Canada, or North America for recycling.


From 2014 – 2020, our post-collection services were provided by Green by Nature EPR. Green by Nature provided a post-collection network, systems, and technologies that supported Recycle BC in establishing our program as a leader in extended producer responsibility and working towards creating a circular economy.