Educational Campaigns - Recycle BC

Meet Coach

Meet Coach Rick Cycle. He’s here to support you to take your recycling game to the next level. Now let’s show them what we can do, BC.

Calling All Spring Cleaners!

Recycling your rigid plastic containers is a great way to declutter during spring cleaning!

New Items Accepted for Recycling

Good news! More items are accepted for recycling! Your single-use and packaging-like products can now be recycled from home or depot.

Recycling Myths, Debunked

Your recycling has an impact. By reducing and recycling, you’re helping our oceans and our environment. Here are some facts about our packaging and paper recycling program so you can be confident your actions are making a difference.

Recycle Right

We want to give you the tools you need to recycle right and keep packaging and paper out of our animal neighbors’ habitats and keep our environment healthy.