Starting or enhancing a recycling program can be daunting. Many communities, including First Nations, have expressed a sense of feeling overwhelmed by the number of organizations involved and the amount of information available on recycling programs. However, there are clear benefits to communities interested in starting a program.

This recognition led to the idea of the First Nations Recycling Initiative. In British Columbia, recycling programs are managed by a number of stewardship agencies who offer cost-neutral solutions for recycling. Ten of these agencies have come together to create a project specifically relevant to First Nations who are interested in starting recycling programs in their communities.

2018 Summary Report

2018  was an important year in working with First Nations to promote and establish recycling programs. Click to view a summary report of the year.

Resource Guide

To obtain a copy of the First Nations Recycling Initiative resource guide, click below.

Collection Events

If your community is interested in organizing a community clean up, the First Nations Recycling Initiative can help with transportation of collected recyclable material, and provide other resources to support the event. Information about holding a collection event and on materials accepted for recycling through the initiative is here.


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