Hidden Recycling at Home Part 2

Last week we visited some of the rooms in the house where you will find packaging and printed paper accepted in the Recycle BC residential recycling program. We conclude the two-part series this week with a few other rooms where you might be surprised to find recyclables.

Baby’s Nursery

If you have a new little one in the house, several of the items in his or her nursery are accepted for recycling, including:

  • Overwrap from diaper packaging, which is accepted at Recycle BC depots. Please do not include with curbside or multi-family recycling collection, and please dispose of diapers with garbage.
  • Empty tissue boxes (and the overwrap if you buy the boxes in multiples, though the overwrap is accepted at Recycle BC depots only)
  • Empty bottles of lotion


The office or den space in your home is a great place to find printed paper and even a little packaging, including:

  • Shredded paper
  • Paper envelopes (including windowed ones) and correspondence
  • Magazines/catalogues
  • Empty boxes from online shopping delivery, computer or electronic equipment
  • Protective foam from electronic equipment (accepted at Recycle BC depots only)

Remember, bubble wrap and plastic shipping envelopes are not accepted as these are incompatible with the plastic bag recycling process.


All done with that soap? Some of the items commonly used for laundry are accepted, including:

  • Empty boxes or jugs and caps for detergent
  • Empty spray bottles for stain remover
  • Empty containers of bleach
  • Dry cleaning bags (accepted only at Recycle BC depots)

Garage or Garden Shed

While tools and toys are not accepted in the Recycle BC program, if your garage or garden shed house any of these items, they are accepted for recycling, including:

  • Empty plastic garden trays
  • Empty plastic seedling pots
  • Empty paper-based garden pots
  • Empty bags of soil (accepted only at Recycle BC depots)
  • Empty bottles for windshield fluid, automotive cleaners (though containers for engine oil and engine antifreeze are accepted in a different stewardship program)
  • Plastic trays and tops for screws, picture hangers, and other small hardware items


If you bring these items home with you, they are accepted as part of the Recycle BC packaging and printed paper recycling program:

  • Plastic shopping bags (accepted only at Recycle BC depots)
  • Empty coffee cups and lids, and the carrier trays you get when ordering multiple beverages
  • Empty take-out containers (foam containers accepted only at Recycle BC depots)
  • Empty plastic drink cups and lids

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