Holiday recycling tips

Perhaps you are out getting some last minute holiday shopping done? If you are enjoying a specialty tea or coffee while out, be sure to bring your cup home and include it with your blue box container recycling. Both the lids and empty cups are recyclable – they go in your container recycling.  Paper sleeves go with your printed paper recycling.  Here are some more tips to ensure as much material as possible is recycled in BC this holiday season.

The following common holiday items are accepted:


  • Plastic plant pots that decorative holiday plants come in
  • Eggnog and whipping cream cartons
  • Plastic party trays
  • Empty aerosol containers from whipping cream, fake snow, etc.
  • Paper bags from grocery stores and other retailers
  • Paper gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper
  • Plastic shopping bags (depot only)
  • Chocolate boxes and cookie tins


These items are not part of the packaging and printed paper stewardship program:


  • Beverage containers collected under the Return-It program
  • Products – such as toys, books, games, electronics – contact the Recycling Council of BC for additional recycling options
  • Holiday lights – these are accepted under the LightRecycle stewardship program.
  • Cellophane wrap used for gift baskets
  • Plastic wrap used for whole turkeys and hams
  • Candy wrappers

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