Is your recycling naughty or nice?

This time of year the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) team sees a large volume of seasonal items come through recycling sorting facilities.  Many holiday items are recyclable, including wrapping paper, most gift packaging, and greeting cards and envelopes.  Other items, such as ribbons, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, stockings, toys, and menoras, are either not recyclable or not included in MMBC’s residential recycling program for packaging and printed paper.

Including non-recyclables with your packaging and printed paper recycling may cause damage to machinery, delays, harm to workers, contamination of recyclables and increased processing costs.

You can make a difference by ensuring that only accepted items are included in your MMBC recycling.

View a full list of items accepted under the MMBC program, and test your holiday recycling know-how by taking our fun and interactive quiz!

For additional recycling and disposal options outside of the MMBC program, contact the Recycling Council of BC.