Keeping your plastic bags in check

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some stores were, or still are, limiting the use of reusable bags for grocery shopping in British Columbia for health and safety reasons. This means some residents may have had to rely on plastic bags to carry out their groceries. If you feel your plastic bag use is getting out of hand, we have some recommendations for your growing collection.

  1. Check with your grocery store for options

You may be able to use a reusable bag if you pack your own groceries. Some stores may have boxes or paper bags for use as well. Another idea is to put groceries back in your cart to take them to the car.

  1. Reuse plastic shopping bags for garbage

We can’t take credit for this idea but it’s a good one! If you live in an apartment or condo, plastic shopping bags are generally a good size for your smaller bins tucked under counters or in cupboards. For households that are larger, these bags can be used for smaller garbage collection like in the bathroom.

  1. Roll them up

When flattened, plastic bags don’t take up much room. Take a few minutes after unloading your groceries to lay out and flatten your bags, then roll them up for easy storage.

  1. Bag them up

Putting bags in bags is another classic move we can thank our parents for. Ball up your used bags, put them in the largest one and hang in a utility closet or under the sink. Then you can easily grab one when you’re ready to re-use it.

  1. Recycle them

It’s true – plastic bags are recyclable! However, they are only accepted at Recycle BC depots. If you’re considering a depot trip, check our webpage for the latest updates on depots closures and revised hours. Find a depot close to you at

While we all acclimate to spending more time at home, we hope these tips will help keep you organized.

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