Quick, Easy Crafts for Kids Using Your Recycling

During these times, some of us may find ourselves at home with the kids. They are lovely; it’s great to be able to spend so much time with them, but there’s no doubt that keeping them continually entertained can be a challenge. Many parents are likely constantly looking for project ideas to entertain the little ones, and crafting is a great one – painting, cutting, drawing, folding, or a combination of all of them. Crafting is something that will keep them entertained for many consecutive minutes (we could only dream of consecutive hours).

There are a number of recyclable items that can be used for crafting before they may find their way into the recycling bin. We’ve compiled a few simple craft ideas, and have personally tested many of them in our homes.

Was: cardboard box
Now: art masterpiece

Many of us are currently relying more on online shopping and the resulting delivery. While that box may ultimately be destined for the recycling bin, it makes a great canvas for the little ones in the meantime. And they’ll likely love the change of pace from an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper!











Was: toilet paper cores
Now: binoculars

If your family is going through toilet paper at what seems like lightening speed, you’re likely to have a toilet paper roll core or two available for use. Your little explorer can create their very own pair of binoculars by gluing two cores together, and decorating them with felts, crayons or paper. If they remain in their pretend-play universe for a while, you can help attach a string, either by poking holes in the side and feeding the string through and tying a knot, or by simply taping or gluing it to the side, so they can wear their new ‘magnifiers’ around their neck when not in use. If the binoculars eventually do become destined for the paper recycling, just remove the string before tossing them in.











Was: paper egg carton
Now: caterpillar

Moulded paper egg cartons are great for transforming into caterpillars or bugs! Simply cut the carton in half lengthwise, so you have two rows of 6 egg cups. You can even cut one into sections of two and make bugs. Then your child can paint, colour or decorate however they choose. Finish it off with antennae (pipe cleaners, or a twist-tie) and a pair (or pairs) of eyes. How’s that for metamorphosis?











Was: bottle caps
Now: 3-D fish

Who doesn’t like a three-dimensional art piece? Keep your bottle caps separate, and when you have a few saved up, create an underwater scene by gluing the bottle caps onto paper and making them into fish. Just add a tail and details as desired.





















And here is a reuse idea to keep your art supplies organized!

Was: glass jar
Now: felt holder





















Hopefully, some of the above ideas are easy projects for you and your little ones!