Meet the Extended Team

By now, you’ve seen the stars of our Recycle Right campaign spreading our message of conscientious clean-up and environmental awareness. Yes, some of the scenarios our models posed for are exaggerated for the camera but being the pros they are, each of them took on the challenge of communicating a simple but effective message: Recycle Right.

As we said, by now you’ve seen the stars, but you haven’t met the stars. Take a look below at each model’s profile and headshot graciously on loan from their agency.

Bearnice (North Vancouver)

photo of Bearnice a bear with a blonde wig

Born and raised in the mountains of North Vancouver, Bearnice is a familiar face for Recycle BC having featured in previous campaigns. She loves working with the organization because she’s passionate about recycling, as well as reducing and reusing where possible. On her off days, you can find Bearnice hiking some of North Van’s beautiful trails or sniffing around Honey’s Donuts in Deep Cove.

Chadwick (Campbell River)

Photo of Chadwick a chipmunk posing with a plastic container

No stranger to the varied eco-systems of BC’s Vancouver Island, Chadwick has kept his roots in Campbell River. Typically, his portfolio includes action shots of him leaping from tree to tree or running top speed across the grass of parks and fields across BC, but for Recycle BC’s campaign, Chadwick slowed down to remind residents that recycling keeps his environment clean so he can always get the shot.

Gulliver (Steveston)

Photo of Gulliver a seagull holding a plastic sandwich bag

Steveston is the home of many Hollywood North productions and if you look closely, you’ll see our boy Gulliver doing some excellent background work around the picturesque wharf and beaches. Listen closely and you might hear his distinct singing voice, as well! Gulliver prides himself on being a chill co-worker but is all business when it comes to keeping nature clean. He wanted to model the plastic bag specifically because it’s a common item found on his beaches and one that’s easily recycled, either at a depot or London Drugs location. We can’t promise Gulliver won’t take the sandwich, too.

Hooty (Vancouver)

Photo of Hooty an owl with a coffee cup

A city girl through and through, Hooty’s made a name for herself as a consummate professional on early morning shoots. Of course, those daytime hours require a little coffee to keep the energy up when she usually sleeps. Most days, Hooty’s using a re-usable cup for her coffee run but when she forgets it on set (or on the kitchen table), she doesn’t mind taking a paper coffee cup because she knows it can be recycled. In addition to modelling, she’s happy to remind you where coffee cups can be recycled but might be a little short with you after 3 p.m.

Chuck (Salmon Arm)

Photo of Chuck a beaver posed with a blue bin

This country boy knows a thing or two about keeping his habitat clean. Or rather, keeping every new habitat he builds clean. Chuck’s seen more than his fair share of litter in the local waterways and woods even in his rural neck of BC. His message is simple: recycling keeps waste out of his home!

Leo (Prince George)

Photo of Leonard a cougar with a blue bin

Leo’s most happy when he’s running the trails up north in Prince George but can put on his model face when needed. And that’s exactly what we needed for this campaign. There are recycling opportunities everywhere not just in our homes. When we’re out camping in Leo’s backyard, he wanted to remind BC residents that 90% of material collected in our program are recycled, so it’s worth the effort. A little teamwork goes a long way!

Meena (The Kootenays)

Photo of Meen a robin posed on a pile of plastic bags

Meena often works in the city but makes her home in the Kootenays where she grew up. Travelling back and forth, she sees the effect litter has on the environment – and all from a bird’s eye view. From that vantage point, Meena can also see all the depots that accept Recycle BC material, including plastic bags, plastic overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging. In between photo shoots and meetings, Meena encourages people in her community to store their depot-only material to make larger drop-offs when a depot trip is on their to-do list.

Check out what the team has to say at about why and how to Recycle Right!