MMBC Collection Financial Incentives – Collector Responses form due September 16, 2013.

Under the PPP Stewardship Plan, MMBC’s approach to collecting PPP is to provide opportunities for those currently collecting PPP to collect PPP in May 2014 under contract to MMBC.

Local governments providing residential PPP or garbage curbside collection in November 2012 were offered a collection incentive to provide PPP curbside collection in May 2014.  MMBC also offered a collection incentive to local governments and qualified private companies and not-for-profit organizations to provide collection of PPP from multi-family buildings and to operate depots to accept PPP from residents.

Sample Collector Contract

The following sample contracts will be customized for each local government, private company and not-for-profit organization that accepted a collection incentive by September 16, 2013.  The following documents are provided for information only:

​Multi-Family Building Contract Transition Strategy

As described in Section 4.4 of PPP Stewardship Plan, MMBC is utilizing a contract transition strategy for the delivery of multi-family building collection services in certain municipalities.  Private companies considering approaching multi-family buildings to offer PPP collection services should review this document