MMBC’s Request for Proposals for Post-Collection Services Available

MMBC’s Request for Proposals for Post-Collection Services Available

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) is requesting proposals to provide post-collection services for residential PPP collected by MMBC’s collection service providers.

Details concerning how to acquire the request for proposals (RFP) documents are provided below. MMBC will host a meeting for those interested in responding to the RFP on November 5. Details will be available before the meeting.

The scope of post-collection services includes:

  • taking possession of collected PPP including receiving PPP from vehicles operated by MMBC’s curbside and multi-family building collection service providers and picking up PPP from depots operated by MMBC’s collection service providers;
  • consolidation and transfer of PPP where required;
  • transporting PPP from transfer facilities where required;
  • processing PPP where required;
  • marketing PPP to end-markets;
  • shipment of PPP to end-markets;
  • processing residual materials to meet recovery end-market specifications or disposing of residual materials;
  • transporting residual materials to recovery end-markets or disposal;
  • tracking, by weight, PPP received from each collection service provider and PPP shipped to final disposition; and
  • reporting to MMBC as required.

The Post-Collection Services RFP organizes the collection service providers in geographic zones. As described in the RFP, respondents may submit a proposal for one or more of these zones and one or more groups of zones.

Proposals in response to the Post-Collection RFP are due by 4 p.m. PT on January 10, 2014.

Interested parties can request the Post-Collection Services RFP from MMBC by completing a Request RFP Form.  MMBC will post a list of those requesting the Post-Collection Services RFP.

Meeting for Respondents Interested in Post-Collection Services RFP

MMBC is hosting a meeting for those interested in the Post-Collection Services RFP on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. PT. Interested parties can attend in person or by webcast.

Details concerning how to register for the meeting will be available prior to November 5.

The meeting will include a presentation on the key elements of the RFP and participants may pose questions. MMBC will provide verbal responses during the meeting where possible. However, respondents are to rely only on the written responses that will be distributed, following the meeting, as an RFP addendum to those that have requested the RFP documents.

If respondents have questions following the meeting, these questions can be submitted using the process described in the RFP.