Recycle BC to Begin Recycling Collection in City of Vancouver

Study shows Vancouverites and millennials most likely to be ‘convenience recyclers’

Vancouver, B.C. – Starting October 3, 2016, the majority of Vancouver residents likely won’t be aware of a change happening at the curb and in their laneways: a transition of recycling collection services from the City of Vancouver to the not-for-profit, industry-funded organization Multi-Material BC.

There will be no changes to the types of materials collected as part of the curb-side and multi-family residential recycling program, however residents who don’t already have segregated glass bins will have new bins or carts provided in 2016, and a small number of residents will see their collection schedule change.

“We are committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition of residential recycling services for all Vancouver residents,” said Allen Langdon, Managing Director of MMBC. “Residents will receive the same level of high quality services they’re receiving today.”

MMBC’s contracted curbside collector, Smithrite Disposal Ltd. will provide weekly pick-up of residential recycling for single family homes, dwellings with 1-4 units and a small number of select dwellings with 5+ units. Waste Management of Canada Corp. will provide recycling services to multi-unit residential buildings.

Residents and multi-family building owners and managers should visit for information on their collection schedules and to download the MMBC recycling guide.  Residents are also encouraged to download MMBC’s mobile recycling app to access their recycling schedule and sign up for reminders, which is available for Apple and Android devices. Each download will provide an opportunity to enter to win Vancouver Whitecaps FC suite tickets.

“Over the last 27 years, Vancouver residents have excelled at keeping recyclables out of the landfill and reducing waste generated within the city,” said Albert Shamess, Director of Waste Management and Resource Recovery for the City of Vancouver. “I believe Vancouver residents will continue to lead the way in recycling and will continue to be an integral part of achieving our Zero Waste goal.”

MMBC research conducted across British Columbia in June 2016 highlights differences in recycling behaviours and attitudes by age group, and compares Vancouver findings with provincial averages:


  • Convenience – ‘Convenience’ recycling, which refers to recycling only when the appropriate receptacle is readily available, is higher in Vancouver (35%) than the provincial average (25%). Millennials (35%) are among the most likely to be convenience recyclers.
  • Age – Older British Columbians ‘go out of their way’ to recycle more than younger generations, with those aged 65+ leading the way at 90%.
  • Purchasing decisions – Vancouverites (44%) are more likely than the provincial average (38%) to base their purchases on recyclability.

Did you know?
MMBC was created in 2014 after the Provincial Government introduced legislation that shifts the responsibility of delivering and funding residential recycling programs from tax payers and municipalities to the companies that produce packaging and printed paper.

Since MMBC’s launch, British Columbians can now recycle new categories of packaging that were not included in many previous curbside or depot recycling programs – including milk cartons, foam polystyrene, plant pots, aluminum foil packaging, plastic bags, overwrap and drink cups. In 2015, MMBC collected 186,509 tonnes of packaging and printed paper, or 43.6 kg per capita, across British Columbia.