New Garbage and Recycling Schedule Coming to Coquitlam

Coquitlam: In an effort to help minimize wildlife conflicts, the recycling, garbage, and green bin collection schedule will change effective Monday, March 12.

The revised schedule splits collection zones into morning and afternoon collection. Morning collection zones, which have been identified as wildlife-prone areas including Burke Mountain, Westwood Plateau, Eagle Ridge, Ranch Park and Chineside, will be targeted for the earliest pick-up. And, while not required, residents in afternoon zones will have the option to wait until 11 a.m. to set out their Garbage and Green Carts and 10 a.m. to set out their recycling.

Reports of conflicts between wildlife and humans have been increasing in recent years. Overall, these changes will help minimize the time carts remain at the curb and speed up collection within bear-prone areas.

These changes also affect recycling collection which is not administered by the City, but rather, is a service provided to Coquitlam residents by Recycle BC, financed by producers of packaging and paper products, at no cost to the resident. The City and Recycle BC have worked together on this revised system to ensure that all curbside collection remains consistent for residents.

All households that receive curbside collection from the City should have received information about the new collection zones with their utility tax notice. The information is also available at

The best way to get a personalized collection calendar is by using the City’s free ReCollect reminder service. By entering your address you can download a calendar or set up an electronic reminder for when to put out your carts. View the service online at  or download the app onto your smartphone by searching “Coquitlam Curbside Collection” in the App Store or Google Play.

Recycle BC offers a similar service for recycling collection, available at or by searching “Recycle BC” in the App Store or Google Play.