The New Plastics Economy - Recycle BC

The New Plastics Economy is an ambitious initiative to build momentum towards a plastics system that works. Applying the principles of the circular economy, it brings together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics, starting with packaging. 

Recycle BC has joined other organizations from across the plastics value chain as a participant in the New Plastics Economy which is led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The initiative focuses on five interlinked and mutually reinforcing building blocks to create the enabling conditions for a system re-design: dialogue mechanism, global plastics protocol, innovation moonshots, evidence base, and stakeholder engagement.

The project aligns with Recycle BC’s goal of ensuring more of these materials are recycled to help keep plastic out of our oceans, natural environment and landfills.

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Global Commitment

In early 2019, Recycle BC’s national service partner, Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) (Now Resource Recovery Alliance or RRA), was among more than 400 organizations worldwide to endorse the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment vision of a circular economy for plastics, where plastics never become waste.

As part of the endorsement, Recycle BC makes the following specific commitments with RRA (formerly CSSA) in support of the Global Commitment:

  • General plastic target of 50% by 2025;
  • Rigid plastic target of 55% by 2022; and 60% by 2025;
  • Flexible plastic target of 22% by 2022; and 25% by 2025.

Click here to read the 2019 Global Commitment Progress Report.