Within the next week, Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) will transition to a new website with a completely new look. Though you’ll get there exactly the way you always have,, you’ll find that the way you navigate around the website has been changed to be ready for implementation of the Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Stewardship Plan.

First off, you’ll easily find the sections you are most familiar with but, in the case of ‘stakeholders’, you’ll see that we have changed that heading to ‘service providers’.

The term ‘service providers’ recognizes that MMBC will contract with local governments, private companies and not-for-profit organizations to provide collection and post-collection services.

Local governments that accept the market-clearing price financial incentive for curbside collection and apply to be eligible for the multi-family building and depot incentive, as well as private companies and not-for-profit organizations that apply to be eligible for the multi-family building and depot incentive will find information for collectors under the ‘service providers’ section, as it becomes available.  Those interested in providing post-collection services will find information on the request for proposals for post-collection services in the ‘service providers’ section, when it is available. Meanwhile, the page provides links to key documents such as the PPP Stewardship Plan, February 25, 2013 and a description of the activities in plan development that have taken place to date.

Stewards which are companies that introduce packaging or printed paper into the BC residential marketplace will see familiar information in the ‘Stewards’ section. Recent updates of particular interest to this group include the Guidebook: A Guide to Help Businesses Meet Their Recycling Obligations in British Columbia as well as the PowerPoint™ slide presentation from the recent Vancouver and Toronto Information Sessions for BC Businesses.  The all-important Letter of Intent is also easy to find on the Stewards page if you are a company that has not yet appointed MMBC as your agent under the BC Recycling Regulation.  Remember that if you have not done so, and you did not submit a stewardship plan of your own on November 19, 2012, you are now out of compliance with the BC Recycling Regulation. MMBC will accept Letters of Intent without a late fee until March 31, 2013.

If you would like to review the list of stewards that have signed a Letter of Intent with MMBC, you can check out the list of Registered Stewards  on the Stewards page of website. The list is updated weekly on Fridays.

There is a new section on this updated website that will contain information for residents that will become more robust as we move closer to plan launch in May 2014.

Frequent visitors to the site will know that we regularly post information about stages of plan develop and producer requirements through alerts, notices, a calendar of upcoming events and, of course, this blog. You’ll be able to navigate to each of those easily from the home page.

In the top menu bar and in the footer of each page are quick access menus to allow you to move about the site to sections that interest you most.

If you have not already done so, use the sign-up function under Mailing List on the home page to receive the MMBC notices we send out by email whenever we have new information to share.

As with the previous version of our website, we will update the information posted on it so we invite you to return to it regularly. We also are interested in your comments and suggestions. Please let us know about your experience on the new site. You can send comments on the new website to