New Items Accepted for Recycling - Recycle BC

Good news! More items are now accepted for recycling!

Starting January 1, your single-use and packaging-like products can now be recycled from home or depot in our residential packaging and paper recycling program.

The following items can be recycled with containers, paper or at the depot. Please continue to rinse your containers and soft plastics before recycling.

Accepted with CONTAINER RECYCLING or in your recycling cart or bin

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

thin gauge metal tins

Thin metal tins

aluminum pie plate

Aluminum pie plates

aluminum baking dishes

Aluminum baking dishes

plastic plant pot

Plastic plant pot

red plastic drink cup

Plastic cup

flexible plastic gift box

Plastic gift box

plastic food storage containers

Plastic food storage containers

plastic straw

Plastic straw

plastic stir stick

Plastic stir stick

plastic utensils

Plastic utensils

disposable plastic hanger

Plastic disposable hanger

plastic dental floss container

Plastic dental floss case

plastic tape dispenser

Plastic tape dispenser

paper party cups

Paper cups

paper plate

Paper plate

Accepted with PAPER RECYCLING or in your recycling cart or bin

cardboard storage box

Cardboard storage box

cardboard magazine holders

Cardboard storage

cardboard moving box

Cardboard moving box

paper gift box

Paper gift box

paper bag

Paper bag

paper lunch bag

Paper lunch bag


Paper piñata

paper gift bag

Paper gift bag

paper party hat

Paper party hat

paper party decor pennant string

Paper party décor

paper party decor paper globe

Paper party décor

Accepted at DEPOTS

Foam Products

foam bowl

Foam bowls

foam cups

Foam cups

Flexible Plastic Products


reusable plastic carry out bag

Plastic carry-out bags

plastic sandwich or freezer bag

Plastic freezer bags

plastic shrink wrap

Plastic wrap

plastic drop sheet

Plastic drop sheet

squishy cushion packaging

Squishy cushion packaging


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Background information:

View the details of the Regulation Amendment.

View the Amendments to the Recycling Regulation Explanatory Notes.