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Plastic Recycling in BC

Recycle BC is a leader in residential plastic recycling and is committed to effective plastic management. BC residents can have confidence that the residential recycling system for plastic packaging in their province is world class. View our Plastic Progress feature as a pdf.


Recycle BC is responsible for the collection of plastic packaging, and we sort and recycle all we can through our advanced sorting facilities. Of the material we collect, we recycle almost all of it.

98% of plastic collected was sent to recycling end markets

102% of rigid plastic collected was sent to recycling end markets

78% of flexible plastic collected was sent to recycling end markets

*This tonnage includes all plastic packaging and other non-designated plastics collected by Recycle BC


We keep our material as local as possible and work with local recycling end markets. We send the majority of our plastic to a local recycler to be recycled into plastic pellets to be used to make new products and packaging.


Recycle BC records the movement of material from collection through to its final destination at a recycling facility to be made into a new commodity. These movements undergo a third-party assurance audit which is how residents can ensure the numbers we report are reflecting the actual performance of our program.


Of the plastic packaging that producers and businesses supply to the BC marketplace, residents recycle about 48% at home or at a depot. That’s about half the plastic supplied that we don’t have the chance to recycle because it doesn’t enter our recycling system. We need your help to collect it all so we can recycle more plastic packaging.


Since its program launch, Recycle BC has made significant improvements to residential plastic recycling in BC by advancing the collection, management and circularity of plastic packaging.

Join us to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging, packaging-like products and single-use items.