What’s included: Product vs. Packaging?

Do you often wonder why you can include plastic yogurt containers in your recycling bin, but not plastic toys? Or why you can include flyers and magazines, but not books? Recycle BC is responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling and collects material in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Province of BC’s Recycling Regulation. As part of this regulation, businesses that supply packaging and paper to BC residents (like retailers, manufacturers and restaurants) are required to finance the collection, processing and recycling of these materials. Schedule 5 outlines the materials that businesses pay fees on for recycling, which, if recyclable, are the materials included in our program.

It can be a little complicated, so we’re going to provide an easy way to determine if material (that is recyclable) can be included in our system. If it’s recyclable and its packaging or paper it’s in. If it’s a product, meaning it was the item you purchased (not the packaging around the item you purchased) it’s out. Here are a few examples to help clarify the difference.Comparison chart between packaging and product

Products are not included in our program, but we are responsible for your packaging and paper recycling. If you have products you no longer want or need, please look for donation options in your community. If you’re ever unsure if a material is included in the Recycle BC program, even after the product vs. packaging test, feel free to reach out and contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Happy recycling!