On-street Recycling - Recycle BC

In 2019, Recycle BC organized a roundtable discussion series focused on the topic of streetscape packaging and paper recycling. Recycle BC engaged a third-party organization, Alces Technologies Inc., to facilitate the six roundtable sessions among local government representatives in BC.

Municipalities within BC were brought together to discuss a suitable recycling or recovery model and inputs to inform the development of a financial incentive offer for Recycle BC streetscape material, assess current and historical findings from local governments with streetscape programs, and find consensus on best practices for execution. A summary of these sessions is found here:

Reports summarizing Recycle BC pilots from previous years are available here:

Streetscape Consultation – Program Design and Financial Incentive

Streetscape recycling, as referenced in the BC Recycling Regulation (subsection 5(1)(d)(ii)), is municipal property that is not industrial, commercial or institutional property, and comprises the following, which are collectively referred to as ‘streetscape’:

  • Sidewalks which are municipal property, which adjoin buildings in an urban commercial area and which are used for pedestrian traffic;
  • Plazas or town squares which are municipal property, and which are available to the public; and Parks which are municipal property.