Recycle BC Post-Collection RFP

The initial contract term for Recycle BC’s post-collection services is approaching its expiry date of May 2020. Recycle BC is preparing for the management of a competitive procurement process and is seeking open dialogue with program stakeholders to help inform this process. Recycle BC’s Program Plan commits to award the primary processor contract(s) based on a request for proposal (RFP) process. Given the size and scope of post-collection services, the work of developing the RFP is occurring now for release by mid-March 2019.

At this time Recycle BC would like to engage industry in discussions on the changing marketplace for recycled residential packaging and paper product (PPP) and potential impacts to post-collection services through a market sounding activity.

To ensure that the RFP is relevant, Recycle BC is interested in hearing from stakeholders through one-on-one discussions on topics such as, “What is the optimum length for a post-collection contract that is appropriate for the type of service and capital investment required by today’s market conditions,” and discuss system design requirements and capabilities.

For more information on the post-collection procurement process, please click here to view this document.