Recycling Out of Home

If you’ve been to a festival this summer chances are there was an option to recycle. And more quick-service restaurants and coffee shops have recycling. While neither event nor commercial recycling are part of the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) residential packaging and printed paper recycling program, we are pleased to see more of these options available to residents.

Now, if you bring a paper coffee cup home, or enjoy take-out at home, these containers can be recycled as part of the MMBC program. You can add empty recyclables you bring home from a picnic or a camping trip to your household recycling, too. Keep in mind, however, that camping equipment, including camp stove fuel (both liquid fuel containers and pressurized cylinders), is not accepted and can cause fires and explosions. Please do not include this with your recycling.

As part of our program plan, MMBC is committed to conducting research into streetscape recycling (recycling in parks or on busy streets) and is starting that research in 2015. We’ll share more as the research progresses.