shutterstock_184215752The warm weather of the past few weeks has many people around BC cleaning up inside and outside their homes, purging unwanted items, and soaking up vitamin D in the yard and garden.

Before you send gardening or cleaning supplies packaging to the landfill, be sure to check if they can be recycled.

Working in the garden? Did you know you can recycle the following items through MMBC?


✓ Plastic plant pots and seedling trays 
Ensure they are empty. A good shake or quick rinse goes a long way to ensuring they are free from soil.

✓ Soil and mulch bags – depot only
You can recycle empty bags that contained soil or mulch with your other plastic bags and overwrap. Make sure they are empty, and return them at your nearest MMBC depot.

✓ Pesticide and fertilizer containers – please check the label*

Doing some deep cleaning? Be sure to recycle:


Empty aerosol cans and caps – please check the label*

✓ Empty plastic bottles, jugs and spray bottles – please check the label*

✓ Paper towel cores
Paper towels should be included with your organics (green waste), where available, but the boxboard core of the role can be included with your MMBC paper recycling.

While we all want to recycle as much as possible, please be sure to check if your material is accepted for recycling in our program before including it. This will help ensure more is recycled. Our recycling facilities commonly see items such as garden hoses, garden tools, yard waste and old clothing and shoes included in spring recycling. Have an item you are not sure about? We invite you to search our waste wizard, download the Multi-Material BC app, or check our detailed accepted materials list to learn more about what types of materials are accepted and not accepted; or contact the Recycling Council of BC if you want to know how and where to recycle or dispose of items other than packaging and printed paper.

* MMBC accepts most empty household pesticide containers, aerosol cans, and plastic bottles/jugs/spray bottles, but please exclude hazardous materials. This includes pesticide or cleaning containers with any contents remaining or packaging that includes the words “danger” or “warning,” together with the word “poison,” or that has precautionary octagon or diamond symbols with skull and cross bones. Check with the Recycling Council of BC for safe disposal options of containers with any hazardous materials remaining, commercial pesticides, or any containers with the symbols not accepted under MMBC’s program.