Spring Recycling Tips

As our thoughts shift from keeping warm during winter to early spring planting, here are a few recycling tips.

Plastic plant pots and seedling trays are recyclable!

If you are doing some early planting, remember to add your empty plastic plant pots and seedling trays to your recycling. A good shake or quick rinse goes a long way to ensuring they are free from soil.

Soil bags are recyclable at depots only!

You can recycle empty bags that contained soil at MMBC depots with other plastic bags. Again, give the bags a shake to remove any leftover soil. Organic matter compromises the quality of the pellets that the bags are turned into before becoming garbage bags or plastic decking.

Not everything for the garden is accepted in the MMBC packaging and printed paper recycling program:

  • Pesticide bottles – these are accepted in another stewardship program. Contact the Recycling Council of BC at 1-800-667-4321 or for disposal options in your area.
  • Garden hoses – these are neither packaging nor printed paper, and they can cause problems for recycling machinery. Please contact RCBC for information about how to dispose of these.
  • Garden tools – like hoses, garden tools are products, not packaging or printed paper. Please contact RCBC for information about how to dispose of these.
  • Yard waste – many municipalities have yard waste collection programs. Contact yours for information about disposing of grass clippings, leaves, and other organic materials, which can be harmful to machinery, hazardous to workers, and impact whether other materials can be recycled.

Happy spring recycling!