Stop Talking Trash, and Start Recycling Coffee Cups in your Blue Bin!

British Columbians love their coffee, and today’s busy lifestyle means we’re often enjoying our java on the go.

Unfortunately, improperly disposing of paper coffee cups creates a mountain of litter and garbage:

• Thousands of coffee cups are tossed in garbage bins every week.
• 25 per cent of coffee cup waste (using the City of Vancouver as an example) is from single and multi-family households.
• Tossing out just one disposable coffee cup a day creates 23 pounds of waste over one year.

Here comes the good news: Coffee cups can be recycled! Putting disposable coffee cups in your residential blue box or container recycling bin keeps them out of our landfills, and allows them to be turned into everyday items like tissue and toilet paper.

Recycle BC and the Vancouver Canucks are launching a contest to educate the public on the importance of coffee cup recycling. From February 26 to March 25, the public can win lower bowl tickets to a Canucks game. A total of six two-ticket prizes are up for grabs, with two ways to enter the contest:

1. Like, share, comment or reply to any contest-related post by the Vancouver Canucks or Recycle BC on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
2. Fill out the contest entry at

Learn more about coffee cup recycling.
Happy Recycling!