Top Five Tips to Level Up Your Recycling Game at Home

A tidy garden or fresh coat of paint for your home can make a visual impact in your neighbourhood, but have you thought about your environmental impact? Residents in BC are some of the best recyclers in Canada, but it’s important to stay up-to-date and feel confident in your recycling know-how and Recycle BC is here to help.
We have some great tips below on how you can take your home recycling to the next level.

1. Keep It Clean
Before you even start to sort your recycling, it’s best to make sure your containers are empty and give them a quick rinse, if needed, to remove any remaining food or product. The rinse isn’t to clean your recyclables but to remove as much organic residue as possible before putting them in your recycling bin. Organic material can spread within your recycling container and affect the recyclability of other items so those few extra seconds spent emptying and rinsing go a long way.

2. Know Before You Throw 
Once you’ve prepped your recyclables, it’s time to sort, and the most important thing about sorting is knowing what can be included and what bin it should go in. Depending on where you live, your home recycling collection may have separate bins for containers, paper, and even glass. But whatever system you have, we recommend ensuring you know if (for example) that chip bag should be included at all (hint: not in your home recycling bin!). Recycle BC is responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling and you can view our full list of accepted materials on our website.

3. Dip Over to the Depot 
Some items will be left over from your sorting but that doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled. There are several materials that need to be returned to a Recycle BC depot like:

If you’re unsure whether an item can go in your recycling, reach out to our team on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram or view our material list!

4. Get Ready to Reduce
What’s the most effective way to level up your recycling? Reduce your consumption. We’re not suggesting making a complete change overnight — although if you want to take that on, we support you! Making small daily changes can quickly add up and create a nice ripple effect. For example, bringing your own shopping bags to the grocery store reduces your use of plastic bags. When you get in the habit of bringing your own bags, you might start bringing a reusable water bottle or coffee cup, too.

If you need some encouragement, our pal Erik Hurtado from Whitecaps FC has some advice.

5. Download Our App! 
Did you know Recycle BC has an app? You can get it on Google Play or the App Store and get all the info we’ve shared any time you need. Our app is a quick and easy way to:

  • Find out what can be recycled
  • Check your collection schedule (in communities where Recycle BC provides service directly)
  • Find a nearby depot for items that don’t go in your home collection

Take these tips, try them out, and ask us questions any time! If you’re attending the Vancouver Fall Home Show (Oct. 18-21), look for our Recycle BC team and ask your recycling questions in person!

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