Flexible plastics recycling for West Vancouver multi-family buildings.

Starting July 1, 2024 residents in multi-family buildings in West Vancouver can simply place their clean flexible plastics, such as crinkly wrappers, bags, and zipper-lock pouches, in the recycling cart labeled for flexible plastics, located in the recycling room or alongside other carts. These items will be collected bi-weekly. 

Please provide your building’s contact information. This ensures we can communicate with you about any changes to your recycling collection service, including the schedule or any issues. If we can’t reach you, it may delay resolving service problems.  

The contact could be a property management company, building superintendent, appointed resident, building strata, or a combination of contacts. 

This information will be used solely for the purpose of contacting, or responding to, building contacts with regards to operational issues specific to multi-family recycling at the applicable building(s). 

If you are providing information for several buildings please email