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Download the 2023-2024 City of Vancouver Multi-Family Recycling Guide. The Recycling Guide outlines how to sort your recycling, shows what is not accepted, and includes a collection calendar.

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A network of depots across British Columbia

Recycle BC has a network of depots across BC where residents can drop off packaging and paper free of charge. Most depots accept all our materials including paper, packaging, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, metal containers, cartons and paper cups, non-deposit glass bottles and jars, foam packaging, and flexible plastics. Please see the map below for depot locations.

Flexible plastics, foam packaging (e.g. Styrofoam) and non-deposit glass (in communities without separated curbside glass collection) can only be returned to a depot for recycling.

See your Recycling Guide for information on what to bring in.

Depot Locator

See the map below for drop off locations

      Recycling Pro-Tips

      Ensure more materials are recycled and kept out of landfill

      Don't toss shredded paper

      Contain it inside a paper bag or box before putting it in the recycling cart.

      Keep it clean

      Empty and rinse containers to prevent contamination, ensure more material is recycled, and avoid attracting wildlife when material is set out for collection.

      Flatten and cut

      If your cardboard is too large for your yellow bag, flatten and cut it down to smaller pieces. 30 inches by 30 inches (76cm x 76cm) or smaller. Loosely stack them between your boxes and yellow bag. Remember to keep plastic wrap out of your recycling!

      Recycling collection questions?

      Contact your provider

      In the City of Vancouver, multi-family recycling is collected by Waste Management. If you have questions about your recycling collection or need additional information, please contact Waste Management.

      For phone press 1-English, press 1-Residential Customer, press 2-Existing Customer, press 1-Questions about your service.

      When sending an email to Waste Management, please use the following format:

      Subject line: City of Vancouver Multi-family (Recycle BC) (Insert building address)

      Email body: Please include the Property Manager’s name, email address and phone number in the body of the email. If the On-Site contact’s name is different than the property managers, please include the relevant contact information (for building manager, strata representative etc.).

      Please note: Without the building’s address or account information, Waste Management’s Customer Service department may not be able to provide feedback or assistance to your account.

      For cart replacement or purchase, property managers will be required to phone Waste Management and provide payment over the phone. Further information can be found in the FAQ’s below.

      Waste Management


      Phone: 604-282-7961

      Recycling FAQs

      Is my local government involved with this recycling program?

      No, your local government no longer provides curbside collection of residential packaging and paper. Recycle BC manages the program on behalf of businesses that supply packaging and paper to residents.

      When is recycling collected?

      Curbside recycling collection is weekly, on the same day as green waste collection. Check the Recycling Guide or address search tool for your collection day.

      Does this recycling program impact garbage collection?

      No. Recycle BC’s packaging and paper recycling program does not affect garbage collection.

      Do I have to pay for replacement recycling containers?

      Recycle BC will replace each container once per household for free. For multiple replacements, you’ll be asked to pay for the second and subsequent replacements. Contact GFL Environmental to request new containers

      Do I have to pay for curbside recycling collection?

      No. Under the BC Recycling Regulation, businesses that supply packaging and paper to BC residents are responsible for managing recycling programs. Recycle BC uses fees paid by businesses to pay for curbside recycling.

      Why do I need to sort glass into a separate box?

      Glass containers should be separated from other recyclables because they can break easily during collection. When broken glass mixes with paper and other containers, it’s harder to recycle these materials. Proper sorting reduces the health and safety risk for drivers, who won’t have to pull out broken glass from the blue box. Please take deposit containers to a depot for a refund.

      Is there a limit to how much recycling I can put out? What if I have more recycling than fits into my recycling boxes and bag?

      There’s no limit to how much recycling you can set out. If it doesn’t all fit, try consolidating it. For example, flatten bulky plastic jugs, cartons, and boxes; place smaller metal cans inside larger ones; and fit plastic containers inside each other (like yogurt containers). If you regularly have more recycling than your boxes can hold, consider purchasing another similar-sized container. Most hardware stores carry blue boxes of different sizes, or you can contact GFL Environmental to purchase additional containers.

      Additional Service Information

      Recycling Service

      To qualify for Recycle BC’s multi-family service, the property must satisfy the following requirements:

      • The property is residential (no industrial, commercial, or institutional materials comingled)
      • The property has more than 5 residential units
      • The property has a centralized waste collection room, shed, or space in the alley to store recycling carts
      • If the property includes any commercial units, there are separate waste collection areas for residential and commercial units, or these commercial units will make arrangements to manage their recycling collection outside of Recycle BC’s program
      • The property agrees to be serviced by Recycle BC’s contracted multi-family collector (Waste Management) and agrees to provide access to recycling carts for their recycling crews to collect on a weekly basis

      Institutional and commercial properties are not eligible for Recycle BC’s multi-family service.

      Request Recycling Service or Program Inquiries

      To request Recycle BC’s multi-family service email or call 778-588-0504. Requests must be made by building/property managers, strata council members, or other authorized individuals who represent the entire property.

      Pull Out Service

      In some cases where the carts are stored on the property in a location that is not reasonably accessible by the collection crew, carts must be moved to a location accessible to the contractor on collection day. This can be done by staff or residents from the property, or by hiring a third-party “pull-out” service.

      Properties that choose to use a third-party service are responsible for contacting and entering into an agreement with their chosen third-party provider – and properties pay for this service directly to the third-party. Properties may enter into an agreement with any provider that they choose.

      Third-party providers that Waste Management has previously worked with include:

      Curb-It: Charlie Yu   778-989-2500 

      Dash: Dave Wilkinson   604-908-3274

      604-Trash-It:   604-872-7448

      Buildings are not limited to using the third-party providers that are listed above. The requirement to have the carts moved to an accessible location is at the discretion of Recycle BC and its contractor.

      Material List

      See our full material list



      Recycle in Paper Bin or Reusable Yellow Bag or Curbside Cart
      • Newspapers, inserts and flyers
      • Magazines and catalogues
      • Telephone books and other directories
      • Writing and home office paper, paper envelopes, and notepads
      • Paper gift wrap and greeting cards
      • Single-use paper party décor (e.g., paper pennants, paper globes and ornaments, etc.)
      • Shredded paper (set shredded paper out for collection in a paper bag or small box and place in your paper collection container)

      Paper Packaging And Cardboard

      Recycle in Paper Bin or Reusable Yellow Bag or Curbside Cart
      • Corrugated cardboard boxes used for shipping, grocery and liquor store boxes, pizza boxes, moving boxes and Banker’s boxes
      • Cardboard and boxboard boxes used for cereal, shoes, tissues, pizza, frozen entrees, desserts, detergent, etc.
      • Cardboard packaging for cannabis product
      • Carrier trays for bulk bottled water, soft drinks, cans, food, etc.
      • Cores for paper towels and toilet tissue
      • Molded boxboard packaging for egg cartons, take-out beverage trays, paper-based plant pots
      • Paper gift bags and boxes
      • Paper bags (also called Kraft paper) and envelopes
      • Multi-layered paper bags for flour, sugar, etc.
      • Compressed paper hangers included with clothing

      Plastic Containers

      Recycle in Container Bin or Curbside Cart
      • Plastic jugs with screw tops used for cooking oil, laundry detergent and fabric softener, cleaning solutions, cleaning products, body care products, windshield washer fluid, etc.
      • Plastic bottles with screw caps, spray pump, or pull-up tops for food, dish soap, mouthwash, shampoos, conditioners and other personal care products, pills and vitamins, laundry products, etc.
      • Plastic jars with wide mouths and screw-top lids for peanut butter, jam, nuts, condiments, vitamins and supplements, personal care products, etc.
      • Plastic packaging for cannabis product
      • Plastic clamshells with hinged or click-closed tops for baked goods, fruit, produce, eggs, etc.
      • Plastic black-bottom trays and clear tops for deli chicken, single-serve meals, prepared foods, baked goods
      • Plastic tubs and lids for food such as margarine and spreads, dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, etc.
      • Plastic cold drink cups with lids for take-out beverages
      • Plastic garden pots and trays for bedding plants, seedlings, vegetable plants, etc.
      • Plastic pails less than 25L for laundry detergent, ice cream, pet food, etc.
      • Microwavable bowls and cups
      • Empty single-use coffee and tea pods; remove lids and do not include lids with recycling
      • Rigid plastic packaging for toys, toothbrushes, batteries, etc.; remove paper backing and recycle separately
      • Plastic straws
      • Plastic stir sticks
      • Plastic utensils
      • Plastic plates, cups, and bowls
      • Non-durable plastic food containers
      • Rigid plastic gift bags or boxes
      • Disposable plastic hangers included with clothing
      • Plastic tape dispensers
      • Plastic dental floss containers

      Cartons And Paper Cups

      Recycle in Container Bin or Curbside Cart
      • Paper cups for hot and cold beverages
      • Cartons and boxes for dairy, cream, substitute eggs, broth, sauces, etc.
      • Frozen dessert boxes for ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.
      • Coated paper plates and bowls

      Aluminum Containers

      Recycle in Container Bin or Curbside Cart
      • Aluminum cans and lids used for food
      • Aluminum foil
      • Aluminum foil pie plates and baking trays
      • Aluminum take-out containers
      • Empty aluminum spray containers

      Steel Containers

      Recycle in Container Bin or Curbside Cart
      • Cans and lids for food, pet food, etc.
      • Metal spray containers
      • Thing-gauge metal tins (e.g. cookie tins)

      Glass Bottles And Jars

      Recycle at Depot or in Glass Only Bin (if applicable)
      • Clear or coloured non-deposit glass bottles and jars. Check with your recycling collector for instructions.
      • Please recycle lids with plastic, metal, and carton containers.

      Flexible Plastics

      Recycle at Depot Only
      • Plastic shopping bags
      • Plastic bags for bread, produce, dry cleaning, newspapers/flyers
      • Bags for water softener, salt, garden products, etc.
      • Plastic overwrap on diapers, paper towel, feminine hygiene products, flats of canned beverages
      • Plastic overwrap on mattresses and electronics
      • Plastic food storage, sandwich, freezer, and vacuum seal bags
      • Plastic shrink wrap
      • Flexible plastic gift bags and boxes
      • Transparent single-use recycling bags
      • Reusable plastic curbside recycling bags (e.g. yellow bags for Paper)
      • Reusable plastic-only carry-out bags (provided with purchase or purchased)
      • Plastic drop sheet or covering
      • Squishy cushion packaging (polyethylene foam)
      • Plastic bubble wrap
      • Zipper lock pouches for frozen foods (e.g. berries, vegetables, prawns)
      • Zipper lock and tear-open pouches for cannabis product
      • Stand-up pouches for dried fruit and nuts, quinoa, grated cheese, etc.
      • Potato chip bags
      • Crinkly plastic bags for candy, cereal
      • Plastic wrappers for candy, cheese slices, granola bars, etc.
      • Crinkly plastic packaging for dry pasta, pre-packaged deli meats, etc.
      • Flexible plastic packaging with plastic seal (e.g. deli and cheese packaging)
      • Plastic net bags for fruit, onions, avocados, etc.
      • Woven plastic bags for rice
      • Non-food protective packaging (e.g. all-plastic shipping envelopes, air packets, etc.)

      Foam Packaging

      Recycle at Depot Only
      • Plastic foam containers and trays used for meat and produce
      • Foam egg cartons
      • Foam clamshells, cups and bowls for take-out food
      • Firm foam cushion packaging to protect electronics, small appliances, etc.

      Not Accepted


      • Hardcover or paperback books (donate or sell)
      • Paper towels, napkins, tissues
      • Non-paper gift wrap and foil gift wrap
      • Padded envelopes
      • Ribbons or bows
      • Musical greeting cards with batteries (contact the Recycling Council of BC for battery and e-waste recycling options)
      • Rubber bands
      • Plastic bags used to cover newspapers/flyers (recycle at a Recycle BC depot)

      Paper Packaging And Cardboard

      • Cardboard boxes with wax coating, such as empty boxes, made available for residents to transport their groceries home
      • Paper bags with multiple layers that include a foil layer
      • Paper bags with a plastic layer
      • Paper towels, napkins (include with green waste, if applicable)
      • Tissues
      • Padded envelopes with plastic or bubble layer

      Plastic Containers

      • Containers for motor oil, vehicle lubricant or antifreeze products (call the RCBC Hotline 1-800-667-4321 or check Recyclepedia)
      • Packaging labelled biodegradable or compostable, or oxo-degradable
      • Items that are not packaging like
      • Long-term storage containers such as heavy-duty plastic boxes or totes
      • Durable hangers: wire, sturdy plastic, metal, wood
      • Tool boxes or power tool cases
      • Liquid-absorbing pads, e.g., in trays of meat, poultry, fish, etc.
      • Plastic wrap
      • Plastic blister packs e.g. plastic/foil protective packaging for chewing gum and pills
      • Ceramic plant pots
      • Lawn edging, tarps, plastic furniture or toys
      • Garden hoses
      • Plastic string or rope
      • Plastic paint cans (call the RCBC Hotline 1-800-667-4321 or check Recyclepedia)
      • Pails larger than 25L
      • Pails for lubricants and oils (call the RCBC Hotline 1-800-667-4321 or check Recyclepedia)
      • Microwavable bowls with metal rims
      • Plastic or foil lids from coffee and tea pods

      Cartons And Paper Cups

      • Paper straws or stir sticks
      • Cartons and boxes with a deposit can be returned to depot in BC’s deposit program for a refund or included in container recycling

      Aluminum Containers

      • Spray paint cans (call the RCBC Hotline 1-800-667-4321 or check Recyclepedia)
      • Propane cylinders (call the RCBC Hotline 1-800-667-4321 or check Recyclepedia)
      • Aerosol cans with any contents remaining
      • Foil-lined cardboard take-out containers and lids
      • Aluminum beverage containers can be returned to depot for deposit refund or included in container recycling
      • Electronics and appliances
      • Pots, pans, and other scrap metal
      • Durable storage containers (e.g., metal food storage containers)

      Steel Containers

      • Steel paint cans
      • Durable hangers: wire, sturdy plastic, metal, wood
      • Pots, pans and other scrap metal
      • Propane cylinders
      • Metal toys
      • Appliances and electronics
      • Long term, heavy-duty metal storage
      • Metal hardware or other scrap metal
      • Wiring or metal cords, extension cords
      • Steel beverage cans can be returned for deposit refund or included in container recycling

      Glass Bottles And Jars

      • Drinking glasses or dishes, cookware
      • Whole or broken window glass or mirrors
      • Ceramic products
      • Dishes and cookware
      • Light bulbs and light fixtures
      • Deposit glass can be returned to depot for deposit refund or included in segregated glass recycling

      Flexible Plastics

      • Items that are not packaging like
      • Long term heavy-duty storage containers like plastic totes
      • Plastic bags with cloth, rope, or ribbon handles
      • Carry-out bags with PVC/vinyl
      • Packaging labelled biodegradable, compostable, or oxo-degradable
      • Lumber or construction wrap
      • Items designed for disposal (e.g., garbage bags, compost/leaf bags)
      • Flexible 6-pack rings
      • Plastic squeeze tubes
      • Plastic-lined paper
      • Crinkly cellophane wrap for tea, floral arrangements, etc.

      Foam Packaging

      • Liquid-absorbing pads used in trays for meat, poultry, fish, etc.
      • Labels, tape, paper and cardboard on foam packaging
      • Foam peanuts and packing chips
      • Blue or pink foam board insulation
      • Napkins, cutlery
      • Protective and squishy cushion packaging
      • Foam noodles
      • Furniture cushions