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Due to the flooding and resulting transportation challenges and local end market closures, starting Monday November 22, glass and foam collection from depot is temporarily suspended. Please hold on to your glass and foam until a later date once it can be dropped off once collection of these materials resumes. Containers, paper and soft plastics continue to be collected as usual at this time.


Recycle BC has a network of depots across BC where residents can drop off packaging and paper free of charge. Most depots accept all our materials including paper, packaging, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, metal containers, cartons and paper cups, non-deposit glass bottles and jars, foam packaging, plastic bags and overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging. Please see the map below for depot locations.

Plastic bags and overwrap, foam packaging (e.g. Styrofoam) and non-deposit glass (in communities without separated curbside glass collection) and other flexible plastic packaging can only be returned to a depot for recycling.

Also see our Depot Guide for information on what to bring in.

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