Why Recycle?

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day, which according to the Earth Day Network, is intended to mark the beginning of the modern environmental movement. This movement has led to air and water quality standards, protection of at-risk animal populations, and of course, recycling programs to turn used materials into new ones. Recycling is a simple way that we can show our commitment to reducing waste, and we can recycle every day.

Recycling is the third of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and MMBC stewards, the companies that pay fees so MMBC can manage recycling of household packaging and printed paper instead of taxpayers paying for recycling services, engage in activities to reuse materials and to reduce the amount of packaging used in their products.

At home, some people reuse packaging before disposing of it, but that is not always practical or possible. Once packaging has reached the end of its useful life, much of it can be recycled. By recycling, we avoid sending still-useful materials to landfills, and help ensure that those materials have a next life.

Recycling is a small act that makes a big difference, and the MMBC program is designed so that the environmental impact of recycling, for example transporting materials, is done as efficiently as possible.