Tips for Winter Weather Conditions

Over the past year, Mother Nature has put us all through her test of extreme weather. From heat domes to wildfires to atmospheric rivers to significant snow events – all these weather conditions can cause challenges for recycling collection.

Most recently, many parts of BC are covered in a blanket of beautiful, white, slippery snow. And in many parts of BC the snow and ice is affecting the ability to safely and effectively collect recycling.

Why is it challenging to collect recycling in the snow?

Challenging conditions on snowy/icy roads in some areas make it unsafe for trucks to navigate certain neighbourhood streets and laneways. In addition, often recycling vehicles are single axle while garbage and green waste trucks are typically double axle, making these trucks heavier and easier for them to maintain traction in more challenging areas.

What should I do?

Watch for messages and alerts from your recycling service provider or local government. Residents in our direct service areas can receive service alerts using our app, or address search tool at the bottom our collection page. Once you enter your address in the search, select ‘Get a reminder’ and you can opt for email, text or phone call alerts.

What if I was missed and my bin is full?

There are a number of things you can do if your bin is full before collection teams are able to collect from your home. In fact, we’ve written a blog post on solutions if your bin is full before collection day. In addition, most of our partner recycling depots also accept all packaging and paper for drop off if you’re in a pinch.

Collection teams are working hard to safely collect what they can in challenging winter weather conditions. Thanks for your patience.