2022 Annual Report Published

On Friday June 30, we published our 2022 Annual Report. Some highlights are below. Please view the full report on our annual report webpage.

2022 Highlights:cover image of Recycle BC 2022 annual report

  • Over 201,169 net tonnes were collected in Recycle BC’s packaging and paper product program resulting in a recovery rate of 86.2%.
  • 95.4% of collected tonnes were managed by recycling.
  • 98% of plastic collected was sent to recycling end markets, and 48% of the plastic packaging supplied to market was collected, including 60% of rigid plastics. A Plastics Progress feature highlights achievements and efforts made for this material.
  • Over 2 million – or 99.3% – of BC households had access to curbside, multi-family and/or depot services.
  • 194 communities had access to curbside and/or multi-family recycling services, with 11 additional communities being onboarded in 2022.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with province-wide recycling activities declined by 11% primarily due to a reduction in marine shipments from a reduction in paper sent to overseas end markets.

View our full Annual Report. 

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