Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today, on the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day, and every day, we celebrate the heritage, cultures and achievements of Indigenous Peoples.

Recycle BC is proud to be a part of the First Nations Recycling Initiative, supporting recycling in First Nations communities throughout British Columbia. In BC, recycling programs are managed by a number of stewardship agencies who offer cost-neutral solutions for recycling. Nine of these agencies, including Recycle BC, work together on a project specifically relevant to First Nations interested in recycling these materials in their communities: tires, appliances, paper and packaging, electronics, beverage containers, batteries, power equipment, and health products.

Tim Jones, Recycle BC’s First Nations Field Services Specialist, joined the team in 2019 and has the opportunity to work directly with First Nations communities across BC to provide information about BC’s existing stewardship programs, and collaborate on local collection events in support of community recycling programs. Here are a few photos from Tim’s travels:

Collection depot at Tla’amin Nation, north of Powell River

collection depot at Tla'amin Nation north of Powell River BC

inside collection Tla'amin collection depot with Recycle BC signage and collection bins filled with plastic packaging and white foam packaging


Tsal’alh Transfer Station and Eco Depot at Seton Lake

Tsal'alh Transfer Station and Eco Depot at Seton Lake BC showing collection for batteries and other hazardous material


Collection truck and recycling team in Skeetchestn

collection truck parked in Skeetchestn

three members of the Skeetchestn recycling team standing in front of the collection truck


We’re proud to be part of the BC First Nations Recycling Initiative and are eager to continue to expand our collaboration with communities across BC to provide recycling services.

Photos below of a Welcoming Figure on the shores of Squamish Nation

Commemorative plaque on a Welcoming Figure on the shores of Squamish Nation

Welcoming Figure wood carving with arms raised on the shores of Squamish Nation

Photo of the Welcoming Figure from behind showing the ocean and mountains of Squamish Nation in the background