Focus on Materials: Paper Recycling – Part 1 - Recycle BC

Focus on Materials: Paper Recycling – Part 1

This is a two-part post about paper recycling in the Multi-Material BC (MMBC) residential packaging and printed paper recycling program. This week we cover printed paper. But what exactly is printed paper?

Generally, printed paper includes flyers, bank statements, catalogues, and other papers that are delivered to your door or mailbox, or papers such as receipts, that are given to you by retailers. Newsprint and magazines, which are either delivered to your home or you pick up outside the house, are also considered printed paper. Please remove any rubber bands around newspapers or the plastic sleeves that often accompany newspapers and magazines. These plastic bags can be recycled at depots that accept MMBC materials.

Books, both hardcover and softcover, are exempt from the Recycling Regulation, so they are not accepted in the MMBC program. Instead, consider donating these to local second-hand book shops, thrift shops, or taking to neighbourhood donation boxes.

Plastic shipping envelopes and bubble envelopes are not accepted as they contain plastics that are incompatible with current recycling processes.

Paper gift wrap is accepted with paper recycling, but foil and other non-paper gift wrap is incompatible with the recycling process, so is not accepted. Similarly, ribbons and bows get caught in machinery, so please do not include these with your recycling.

Paper collected in the MMBC program is baled and shipped to material re-processors to be turned into new paper products.

Next week’s post will cover paper packaging. Have you downloaded our Recycle it Right game for iPad? Test your recycling sorting knowledge and challenge your friends.