Summer Recycling Tips

School’s out and summer is definitely here! We have compiled some tips on how to recycle or dispose of some of the things we use most over the summer.

  • If you have been making the most of the daylight and warmth by spending time camping or barbequing, you might be wondering how to dispose of empty propane cylinders or butane canisters.

DO NOT include these with your recycling.

These canisters and containers that held flammable material—such as propane, butane, and other lighter fluids—require special handling. They pose a fire and explosion risk inside trucks and at processing facilities if they are collected with other containers. Please contact your local government or the Recycling Council of BC (1-800- 667-4321) for information on how to safely dispose of these.

  • Other materials, like tents, tent poles, and other camping equipment are not accepted in the MMBC program, as these are neither packaging nor printed paper. Again, the Recycling Council of BC is a great resource for information about what to do with these items.
  • If you have been cooling off with iced beverages, you can add empty take-out cups and lids to your container recycling. If possible, give the cups a rinse to reduce pests.
  • Local fruits and berries are some of the best things about summer. Recycle the plastic clamshells and plastic or paper baskets they come in when you’ve finished enjoying summer’s sweets.
  • You can also recycle the tubs and cartons that frozen desserts, such as ice cream and frozen yogurt, come in. Give them a rinse and include them with container recycling.

For a full list of what’s accepted in the MMBC packaging and printed paper recycling program, visit